MADE IN VERMONT 
             ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP !

In our Berry Medley, Peach & Mangosteen Chutneys, we
use a special fusion of spices from around the world to create a unique flavor explosion! 
Deva Naturals Products are made with 100% Natural Ingredients.

Our Freeze Dried Mangosteen is Gluten and Preservative FREE ! No added sugar or salt either!

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2 oz Tin

1. Use as Marinades or Rubs on meats, fish,poultry or Tofu by mixing 2 Tb.sp. of yogurt or tomato sauce with 1 tsp. of the masala (spice blend) and marinate for 2 or more hours, grill, broil, bake or stirfry !

A tsp. of the Indian or Thai Spices with Cream Cheese, Avocado, Mayonnaise or Sour cream, can be used as dips with crackers, crisps or as condiments on sandwiches or wraps !

3. Stirfry any vegetable, meat or fish with our Spices to make a delicious meal..

Boil Thai spice blend in a pot of water with salt, lemon/lime juice to taste, garnish with cilantro to make the famous Thai Tom Yum/hot and sour soup!

5. Sprinkle on salads, your favorite pizza or spaghetti/pasta for an asian touch !

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